should i still go?

  I first went to India in December 2014 to present a workshop at an academic conference in Bangalore, otherwise known as the Garden City of India, and otherwise known as Bengaluru if you… Continue reading

The Christ of the Indian Road

…is the title of a book I’ve been reading and re-reading since December, when a young, naive, yet very learned college student, whom I met in India, recommended it to me. It’s the… Continue reading

so you wanna see ghana from the sea?

In 2011, I was teaching English, Creative Arts (imagine that!), and part-timing as Coach Akua at Challenging Heights. Ghana. Challenging Heights is in the larger municipality, Winneba.   To be exact, a little… Continue reading

“So, why Ghana?” Pt. 9

So, why Ghana? Well, this last visit, however brief, has offered so many answers to that question. Answer #9: A Faith Family A lot of Westerners in Ghana (and everywhere else) feel guilty about colonialism… Continue reading

to know Christ

Saturday night was a special night. I, with three women for whom I really can’t find a proper descriptor, sat around a mid-century styled table to a candle-lit dinner and talked about things… Continue reading

Growth and Development: The Post-College Vacuum

I have recently been assigned the role of TA in a course and topic that is most enjoyable – Student Development Theory. In this course we discuss theories that relate to college student development.… Continue reading

Trained Faith

I used to think that this season of needing God to do the impossible was just a season. I thought I would look back on this time and be thankful that I went… Continue reading

Jeremiah 1:19

I took a much needed respite today and walked myself to the beach. In Ghana, the seaside has always been a place of quiet reflection and comfort to me. My spirit has been… Continue reading

yet do i marvel

Is a title borrowed from a Countee Cullen poem. It’s title is only appropriate for these new eyes with which I see Jesus. I am leaving for Ghana again on Sunday. It feels… Continue reading

The Well publication

Here is the link to the essay published by The Well.   Thanks for reading! Amy